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Friday, February 09, 2007
Hot Fuzz Geek Alert

There was a Hot Fuzz interview recorded on Wednesday for Channel M television, and I was lucky enough to be "crew" for the duration. I can't remember most of it, but I'll put what I can here.

Hot Fuzz is a British action film coming out in the UK next week, and it's from the creative team who were responsible for Shaun Of The Dead.

They arrived at around quarter to four: Co-writer and star Simon Pegg, costar Nick Frost and Director and co-writer Edgar Wright. Simon looked quite tired and seemed to have red lipstick on (although it didn't look like that on camera). Nick Frost had beardy growth and was a bear of a man - he looks completely different in person - and I got the impression he had other places he'd rather be. Edgar looked a little pale. This unexpected inclusion of Edgar in the interview threw me completely, and I'm afraid I gibbered incoherently. I remember shaking his hand and saying something along the lines of "On behalf of the Spaced Out Forums, I'll be the guy who stares creepily through the camera at you." I was pretty overwhelmed, and I could hardly speak, until Nick said "is he drunk?" I told Edgar "I wasn't due in today, and I'm not even full time, and I'm actually a student...". He replied, "and you don't even work here!" It's funny because it's true. He asked me my username on here, and Simon and Nick called him over with "we've an interview to do here!", to which he replied "I was just talking to Winston." trés cool.

The interview started, and it was pretty funny. Here are the bits I remember:

-Simon saying that he had become a scientologist and the interviewer buying it.
-Edgar talked about his former line manager at Somerfield, who he wished was still alive to see the film: "if there's one person I'd really have wanted to see this film, it would have been him."
-Nick referring to his penis as being "thick like a baby's beaker.(Turns to camera) You're watching Channel M".
-The interviewer mentioning "The Equalizer", and Nick shouting "Ewar Woowar!" Most amusingly, the interviewer had no idea what he was talking about. ("Why are there so many 'D's in Edward Woodward's name?" "Because otherwise he'd be called 'Ewar Woowar'.")
-Simon saying despite his Hollywood fame he always crawls back to Nick's bed. "Once you've had Frost, you'll never get lost."
-Edgar saying that the last two weren't a deliberate choice of genre, but instead that it came about organically. "It wasn't like we'll sit down and say "let's do a period drama"."
-Simon being asked a question and Nick suddenly laughing at a woman outside who had fallen through the ice around a fountain.
-The interviewer mentioning me as the source of a piece of trivia (there's a Zombie Party DVD shown in the trailer, and it has the same cover as Shaun Of The Dead. I knew that it was the english translation of the title abroad, although I couldn't remember if it was the Spanish or Italian title). They all waved at me, whilst I waved back, grinning like a moron.
-Simon saying to camera "If you go to see Hot Fuzz with a stranger, they will want to f*** you."
-during the GVs (the cutaways) there was a lot of swearing and general tomfoolery.

Afterwards I spoke to Edgar, who asked me "are you going tonight?" I should have said "well, I would, but I doubt I'll get a ticket (hint hint)", but I had conpletely forgotten about the Hot Fuzz preview screening (as I doubted I'd be able to get a ticket) and said I was busy instead, which I kind of was. Busy being starstruck. We shook hands again and Simon came over. Edgar introduced me as "Winston Smith". I shook hands with him too, and he said "I always feel weird when I look at the forums, like I'm spying." I mumbled something about using a fake name, and he suggested one I've heard him mention before (not in the member list yet). Then as they left, I said thanks, they said thanks, we all said thanks.

I have to say, cool as Simon and Nick are, the highlight for me was meeting Edgar. He's living my dream!

Hopefully the interview will appear on Channel M's website, although it might not be until next week.

Posted at 11:58 am by Paul


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