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Saturday, April 17, 2004
Cycles, thongs, and

I learnt something interesting on Friday. I have a season ticket.

Now I know what you're thinking. "And?"
But if someone had told me that my 7 day train ticket was a season ticket three weeks ago, I would have saved enough blood, sweat and tears to craft a new person. I did not need to acquire 22 bike reservation tickets, which are worthless anyway. I was highly amused when I found out, now I'm just relieved, and not at all inclined to rip someone's head off their body.

But back to thongs...
A thong is a cyclist's friend. I had a bad day yesterday. The PC users I encountered were monumentally selfish, stupid and rude. I had to drop off a cable at 4pm, unfortunately, everyone in the building left at five to. By the time I had figured this out, and stowed the cable where it will most likely be stolen, I was very short of time to reach the station. If I had missed the 4:30 train, I would have had a half hour wait to look forward to. So I pedalled pell mell and got there in time.

However, it was raining. Hard. Very hard indeed. In fact, as I cycled down the road, I was passed by the Royal Yacht Britannia, which I thought was quite odd at the time. There is no mudguard on the bike, and so the rain from the front combined with the spray from the back, to ensure I was soaked completely. And this is where the thong efficacy paid off. Had I been wearing boxers or jockey shorts, I would have been uncomfortably wet until I got home to change. With the thong, however, the tiny fabric triangles dried significantly faster than my skin, and so I was slightly less uncomfortable, and completely dry when I had to change trains. I love my thong!

Posted at 07:20 pm by Paul

April 20, 2004   11:50 AM PDT
i'm afraid i have to say i'm not loving the imagery
April 19, 2004   04:47 PM PDT
April 19, 2004   01:29 PM PDT
Ok...I might not understand this post in its entirety, but I do understand thongs! I always thought that men would rather die than wear thongs. You may be happy (or perhaps scared) to learn that I will be pondering on this for a good portion of my morning.
April 18, 2004   08:20 PM PDT
Oh and I have read all your poems on your poem site and very good indeed. I might sign up but I dont want my stolen.
April 18, 2004   08:18 PM PDT
A man that has thongs, wow, *pictures Winston in a thong* lol very nice.
April 18, 2004   06:05 PM PDT
I thought I'd leave the comments here, they're fun :)
April 18, 2004   06:19 AM PDT
I think it was helpee, I was at the board when he did it. Now I'm off the board. (glum)
April 18, 2004   01:49 AM PDT
And the reason there was no Lin in the last chapter is becuse it was a flashback therapy chapter. More Lin coming up in the final installment than you can shake the proverbial stick at.
April 18, 2004   12:52 AM PDT
It didn't work.
April 17, 2004   09:39 PM PDT
weird, so did I...and Andy mate, it wasn't me!! it was the blog fairy!
April 17, 2004   09:14 PM PDT
I SO read that as 'testes'.

<attempts to drag mind out of the gutter>

April 17, 2004   08:23 PM PDT
This is cheating old chap!

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