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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

It's all Angelena's fault! If she hadn't persuaded me, I wouldn't have posted my crazy googlism...
For accuracy, I have used my real name (Paul). Don't tell anyone...

paul is leaving (In some cases, this is true)
paul is 'pop billionaire' (Yes, I'm typing this from my yacht)
paul is engaged (Actually, I'm usually vacant)
paul is arrested in the temple (By the religion police)
paul is not dead (that's a relief)
paul is beheaded (I have an itchy neck, it's probably not the same thing)
paul is looking (yep)
paul is our savior (I can't argue with that)
paul is "good to go" (always)
paul is an international catholic (I'm not, but it sounds fun)
paul is (Succinct, to the point. I am)
paul is at best lukewarm about the usa patriot act (meh)
paul is born (I was born, I've tended to avoid it since then)
paul is dead (I am? Could be the beheaded thing)
paul is dead? (You mean you don't know?)
paul is dead ii (hey! A sequel!)
paul is promotions director (cool! I needed a new job)
paul is walking with his eyes closed (That's why my nose hurts...)
paul is a republican member of congress from texas
paul is second favourite to win big brother (That title was MINE, I tell you!)
paul is in prison (Feels like it sometimes)
paul is the author of over a dozen books about windows (including "Why windows sucks" and "Uninstalling Windows for Dummies")
paul is a good host city for the league of historic american theatres 2002 conference (I have plenty of parking and easy access)
paul is insensed (I am incensed by the spelling of this)
paul is rich (like bernaise sauce)
paul is in tux (when I'm playing dress-up as James Bond)
paul is live in cleveland (Limited tickets available)
paul is a four (I think I'm maybe a 3)
paul is a pansy (oo-er)
paul is sent to felix (
paul is live at cheap price in uk (Check phone booths for details)
paul is wack (sho' nuff!)
paul is flanked by a poster showing a likeness of himself (usually)
paul is a bad trader (I buy high and sell low)
paul is canadian (ahh, chance would be a fine thing)
paul is the best there is (I told you!)
paul is named a top 10 washington gadfly (I'm not sure if that's good or not...)
paul is proud to present the 2002 pga tour west coast swing nov
paul is the third lady topper to receive honors this season (odd...I don't seem to recall ever 'topping' a lady)
paul is an awesome two (I still think a 3)
paul is getting married there ("there" being my nightmarish memories)
paul is wonderful actor (actually I suck. More ham than a butcher's shop)
paul is pulling no punches (I never do)
paul is an evolutionist? (it's not that surprising. Darwin was a smart guy)
paul is going to turn on brock (I don't know who Brock is, bu he'd better watch out!)
paul is safe and well (I think so)
paul is wrong (I am always wrong)
paul is back (and badder than ever)
paul is a 27 year old australian who loves technology (close enough, except geographically)
paul is not going to be a father again for the time being (again?! *hides from the CPA*)
paul is awarded the free software foundation award for the advancement of free software; va linux employee is honored for his work on the mesa 3d (Where do I pick it up?)
paul is the leading spokesman in washington for limited constitutional government (well, I don't like to brag)
paul is arrested in jerusalem and goes to caesarea (usually after a very heavy night out)
paul is putting his career back into shape (too right)
paul is a real hero (awww shucks)
paul is the new fred (Yes!! At last! I always envied Fred!)
paul is new aviation secy (so long as I don't get chased around the desk by a jumbo)
paul is moving (In four weeks!!!)
paul is ready to rise (that I am)
paul is a dead man (oo-er. Brock's onto me)
paul is an adult who is free to make his own decisions (don't exaggerate)
paul is almost perfect by keven chavez (thanks keven, I try)
paul is hosting? (Occasionally)
paul is staying put (but only for four weeks)
paul is dying; vatican remains mum (uh oh, I could be dead again)
paul is dead paul is dead paul is dead paul is dead paul is dead paul is dead paul is dead (OK, I'm dead! I get it!)
paul is alive …david crane (At last! Someone know's the truth!)
paul is paul my lady (though, prithee, why forsooth?)
paul is top of the world in athens (They're gonna light my hair instead of the olympic flame, I know it)
paul is here (hide the crockery)
paul is dead' lives(now you're just confused)
paul is in the "right" forum (I guess so)
paul is the newest hummer accessory (buy one, get me free)
paul is charmed (I'm sure)
paul is so hott (I am? *blush*)

Posted at 11:22 am by Paul

May 8, 2004   01:16 PM PDT
It says meis is unsuitable for release as she has an equalibrium problem that causes her to swim in right hand circles... it said *I* was dancing around the room *and* was better than carly... nuff said

*sniggers cause you're name is paul.... which she new already of corse cause she's you're stalker... not that paul isn't cool and all... just cause.... well, I think this stars thing has been going long enough...*
May 7, 2004   12:08 AM PDT
LOL... well most of mine were porny type stuff. My actual favourite was "monica is neither responsible nor liable for any viruses or other contamination of your system nor for any delays". Odd.

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