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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Moving house

So much to tell you about this life-changing event, and I've forgotten it all...

  • My Dad hired a van for the day. This isn't totally true. My dad hired the largest van I have ever seen for the day. A transit could have parked in the back.
    It was a beast. Not only was it vast, but it looked as though it had recently been squeezed through a gap about an inch smaller all round.
    This was a blessing in disguise. Every junction, every passing place, this van had right of way, as drivers practically swerved off the road to give us more room.


  • I was working on the Friday; I moved on the Saturday. There was so much to move, and so little spare time, that I ended up moving stuff for most of Sunday too.


  • Spartacus stayed behind on Saturday night. I felt bad about leaving him in a (nearly) empty house, but we were taking most of my crap to my folks' to sling in the garage, and I thought it was best to let him stay in familiar surroundings until he could move permanently. He was fine on Sunday morning, enjoying the extra space for a game of Championship Crisp Packet Football...


  • It's always the last bits you forget to pack that take the longest to move...


  • I started to fall out with my dad. We were rushing round like maniacs, and there were a lot of things we had to lift jointly, such as the washing machine (now in my sister's shed), the fridge-freezer (now in my parents' shed), the wardrobe, the double mattress, and so on. Working as a team is fine with my pop provided he is in charge! Once we'd finished, everything went better.


  • I was feeling pretty down afterwards, having to pare my life down to one bedroom's worth of stuff. Spartacus was feeling pretty down, having to (temporarily) share the house with a dog.



I won't mention the lack of broadband, which left me twiddling my thumbs for two weeks, or the teary farewell between Kate and I, or even the events of a few days later when I had to go back to get the stuff I forgot, but things are much better now.

Posted at 10:58 am by Paul

June 11, 2004   02:43 PM PDT
i moved last weekend. may the force be with you.
June 8, 2004   03:37 PM PDT
Glad you getting comfortable at your sisters, and things go well.

It was great to have you back online ; )


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