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Thursday, July 08, 2004
The Human Condition - reasonable mileage, one careful owner

I was brought up as a christian, but my parents were very laid back about the whole religion thing, so they never really forced the issue.

I was baptised, and I attended the local C of E (Church of England) primary school (although that may have been because it was less than 600 yards away). Church assembly on a Wednesday morning, the occasional Sunday activity.

I was never Confirmed. I suppose I was never more than "tentative". I decided a long time ago that a lot of organised religion is little more than an excuse for bloodshed. When asked if I believe in God, I always say "I don't believe in religion." It makes me laugh, anyway.

I tend towards the idea that people should just be nice to each other, and not have to justify it to some Elder. Your conscience should be your guide; that is your own personal "God". Perhaps it's naive of me, but I always expect the best of people, and however many times I'm disappointed, I still look for that spark of decency, humanity, or genuine goodness that brings a smile to my face.

That happened today. To that person, thank you.

I have decided that there has also been some kind of catastrophe on a global scale today. Almost everyone I know (myself included) has had, or is having, some sort of crisis.

I think we all need to sit down as a species and have a nice cuppa while this craziness passes.

Posted at 02:10 pm by Paul

~*~AcUrA iNtEgRa~*~
July 26, 2004   04:20 PM PDT
Yes, the guy is very intelligent.
July 15, 2004   09:18 AM PDT
If I may offer my 2 and a half cents wurf on the religion thing;

Any group of christians who kill in the name of God are wacked. Yes I believe in God.., but I also believe in what Christ taught - and he never taught his followers to kill, but to forgive and help people.

I've never understood the logic of the protestant and catholic groups who murder each other over their variances. If they worship the same God and consider the same Jesus as Lord, they both defy what Jesus taught. The violence they do in spite of this sure does little to save souls and win converts. I mean, really. Who wants to convert to a warring religion if they percieve it as such?

I'm Not pushing religion on anyone here, just sharing a viewpoint.
July 14, 2004   09:04 AM PDT
you were ment to update, for me to post my last comment.

Well, this entry will have to do.

Take care.

babyd x
July 11, 2004   01:01 AM PDT
What an intelligent guy- I really identified with you concerning your religious views. Actually I always joke about not believing in religion...Maybe that will have to be our little joke. Never stop believing in the good of people, when humanity loses people like you, we've lost everything.
July 8, 2004   03:32 PM PDT

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