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Monday, July 26, 2004
Another week

My lift has once again let me down, some implausible excuse about being ill! Some people are so selfish, it's just as well he's never charged me for fuel! Ummm....

I set my alarm for 5, and dragged myself through the house, to get ready by 5:30. Of course, the bus was late, so the advantages of losing an extra half hour of sleep were minimised. I bought a cheap monthly ticket. It'll only prove cost effective provided I don't need to make my own way to and from Manchester more than 14 times in the next month. It's doable, but it's the first day and already I'm looking at making the train trip a second time tomorrow. Oddly, I arrived at work 35 minutes earlier than usual, and then found I had depressingly few emails, and I didn't even have any spam!

I had a good weekend, despite my minor laceration, which incidentally now looks like makeup from a zombie film. I didn't actually get out of bed on Sunday, which counts as a victory for lethargics everywhere, or would do, if they could be bothered to celebrate.

A brief note on my brief illness

I hate colds. It's not the sniffling, my nose is usually blocked at the best of times, so I'm used to that symptom. When I catch a cold, however, it hides unnoticed in my sinuses like a master ninja, until it pounces on my chest, leaving me with a cough worthy of someone who smokes through the hole in their neck. So when I was caught in the rain last weekend, I caught a cold, and didn't realise until Monday morning. I hacked and coughed through Monday, and then Tuesday it was worse. I resolved to see the doctor on Wednesday, and return to work on Thursday, but the best laid plans of mice and men...
It was a locum, but this didn't matter, as I've not met my doctor yet. I went in, and he asked "What seems to be the trouble?", to which I replied, "I have a chest infection." He checked me over and agreed; when you've had as many chest infections as I have, they're pretty easy to spot. He gave me the drugs, which I left on the bedside table today (Damn!) and I decided to use my full 3 sick days (any more and I need a note) to convalesce. I watched some movies and generally slobbed around. It was great! In fact, it was so great, I'm planning to be ill again very soon...

Posted at 10:44 am by Paul

July 31, 2004   10:11 AM PDT
I hope that one of them emails was not from me : )

no no no, don't be ill AGAIN.
July 26, 2004   09:58 PM PDT
What cracked me up:

"...which counts as a victory for lethargics everywhere, or would do, if they could be bothered to celebrate". LOL

July 26, 2004   12:24 PM PDT
"master ninja" That cracked me up so bad and I don't know why. Wait, it was probably the visual images received while reading that topic matter.

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