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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
You think you've beaten me, IE?? Well, that shows what you know!

I lost the post. I keep meaning to write it in notepad first, but then it feels like cheating...

I need to write more, exercise my creative muscle before University starts.
The more I write, the easier it gets.
The more I don't write, the not easier it doesn't fail to become...

I know what you're thinking. "You make it look so easy, you can't be putting any effort into it." Well, you're actually more likely to be thinking, "yeah, you think you can second guess me, do ya? Well think again!"
It's hard for me to write a blog entry. Not so much deciding what to put, although this one is a bit of a leap, but the act of getting it written.
I have a bad memory, so when I experience something I have to share, I need to get it down quickly, or it oozes out of my brain like a slug, leaving a silver trail of wistfulness...
Unfortunately, I usually have my epiphanies quite some way from a keyboard. I tried scrawling them in a notebook, with a view to typing them up later, but it's so time consuming I think "I'll never get all that typed up" and promptly prove myself right. Furthermore, I had a washing-machine related data loss catastrophe with my notebook, so what was there is gone. Forever. I hate that, it's like my memory has been washed, soaked and rinsed...

Well, rant over, I must mention the cow.

I've been meaning to mention the cow for weeks, and something strange happened yesterday, so it's an opportune moment.

Cowparade is in Manchester. There's a particular cow outside Manchseter Piccadilly train station, called Dangermoo-se. It's painted to look like the action rodent himself, Dangermouse. It almost always brings a smile to my lips, seeing the white cow with huge round pink ears. I noticed something odd about this cow yesterday. It appears to be making a bid for freedom. I believe it to be moo-ving (sorry) under cover of darkness, for I haven't seen any movement during the day, but this belligerent bovine is now near the road. It's a beautiful tale of hope, and I have high hopes she will escape completely, never to be seen again, but talked about in hushed tones...

Posted at 10:43 pm by Paul

July 30, 2004   06:18 AM PDT
That's odd. I find writing thoughts down in a notebook very helpful. If I didn't own a notebook my blog would be drabble.
July 29, 2004   01:09 PM PDT

I appreciate the comment, keeping one's eye out for bias is always a good thing as a little
cognitive dissidence never hurt anyone.

Still, reports like this one certainly don't "auntie" look too well:

Nevertheless, sometimes the BBC surprises me with some balanced stuff. I think this is a decent piece on the settlers. No one seems like the fanatic they're s
sometimes made out to be:
July 28, 2004   05:19 PM PDT
Think of it as protecting your interest (interrupt that as sanity) :p
July 28, 2004   09:23 AM PDT
but it's cheating!
July 27, 2004   10:50 PM PDT
yes, notepad is the answer.

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