Entry: Busy Week Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It was a busy week last week, and not just because of the wild legal events. My friend runs an acting school, and every four months they hold a showcase; a series of monologues and sketches. It was Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week, and I went along to show support. All of the actors gave an excellent account of themselves, it was just a shame that attendance wasn't better. Naturally, the bar needed help, so I obliged by drinking a couple of pints.
On the Wednesday I took it upon myself to walk to the venue. It was much further from the town centre than in the taxi the night before. And it was raining. I got rather wet. Still, it was worth it for the slight sense of smug achievement. Friday night was an after-showcase party, and a few of the actors turned up to the pub. We drank a little, told a few jokes, sang some karaoke (I do a mean Mack The Knife), and eventually made our respective ways home. I chatted to Drew quite a bit. He spilt up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago, and if anything he's hornier than I am. It's a truth universally accepted that a man in possession of no partner is incredibly horny. However, I must admit I thought it was odd when he offered me the use of his ex. I didn't things worked like that.
Saturday was another adventure in the land of insobriety. My house-mate's ex was having her 21st in Manchester, and I was invited along. Without aforementioned house-mate. I suspect that would have made things pretty awkward, seeing as her other ex was there, and they clearly had unresolved sexual tension going on. Still, it was an entertaining night, and a nice opportunity to see the fully operational Students' Union at MMU.

And so to this week, when things don't show any signs of letting up. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with an old friend for drinks, after hopefully finishing the edit of a feature film. Wednesday I'm attending the Best of the North West screening of my film, and possibly meeting up with an older friend to hunt for a positively ancient friend! Well, maybe not, but that's the general plan. Thursday I have another screening, followed by drinks aplenty at the Best Of The Fest get-together, and hopefully they'll be celebratory drinks. Friday I'll be taking a road trip down to Southend. I'm really looking forward to it, as it's been an awfully long time since I did anything of that nature. If memory serves, it was Glastonbury in 91, and what a weekend that was! Hmmm... those events may come out in the fullness of time, but not today. We return on Saturday, and Sunday I'm heading over to Ireland for an important film-making meeting, returning on the Monday.

By then I suspect I'll be planning nothing but a nap.


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