Entry: Cannes of Worms Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I wasnít expecting to get to Cannes this year. I had decided that funds were too tight, and Iíd be better trying to just sort out my overdraft. Then we found out that Duty Calls had been put forward by North West Vision and Media into Short Film Corner, which changed everything.

Paul had already arranged accreditation for Cannes just in case, but it turned out he was accepted on an artists exchange, so heís in Romania for the duration. I asked NWVM if they could accredit me for Cannes instead, but I didnít hear for ages, so I thought that was that.

On Friday, however, I received an email telling me that it was all sorted. After all their efforts I couldnít very well leave it, so since yesterday morning Iíve been rushing around in a state of semi-panic, trying to organise the trip. Most of the events Iíd wanted to attend are already closed to applications, so Iíve added myself to immense waiting lists in the hope that lots of people forget to turn up. At least I have the flights and hotel sorted, which I was expecting to be impossible or cost prohibitive. Now I just need to find a tuxÖ


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