Entry: Work work work Thursday, July 01, 2010

I've been busy the lasy couple of months. In May I went to Cannes again, this time staying for the whole thing. It's a long time - by the end I was sick of the place. Almost. It's a great place for networking, getting people interested in your ideas, testing the water and so on, but terrible for a relaxing holiday. That is, until the second Friday, when most producers and distributers have closed up shop and the accredited areas are awash with tumbleweeds.
In June I shot a short film written by the talented team of Ray Bogdanovich and Dean Lines, called "Invisible Bullets". Directed by Chris Lane, it's a comedy short about a man who discovers that his fingers are trmendously powerful...
It was shot and edited in time for the Virgin Media Shorts 2010 competition, and I urge you to visit the site and give it a high rating - Invisible Bullets.

I've taken up the rest of my spare time by directing a documentary feature called 1599, about twins who lived in Tudor times and died in tragic circumstances. We've recorded a narration from Christopher Eccleston, and Clare McGlinn is presenting the interviews. Things are going well at the moment, although there's a huge amount to do before the August release! Hopefully by then I'll have some time for a lie down...


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