Entry: Wednesday Mind Hump Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 17

This week a "getting to know you" theme with an insane twist.

First, a warm up.  in celebration of our fresh and "Spring"y layout, using the letters B-O-I-N-G reveal five things about yourself.  You can use just one word or just chatter, chatter, chatter.  Either way, just go crazy!

Now...we wouldn't leave you with just half a hump so here's the rest so you can have the hump, the whole hump and nothing but the hump!  Let's hump, shall we?

01.  If your blog were scratch and sniff, what would it smell like?
02.  Which horror movie monster are you most like and why?
03.  If you were being sold in a Walmart, which department would you be in and what exactly would you be?  Would you be on sale?
04.  Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  Which element would you be.  What form of that element would you be and why?
05.  What sitcom character (past or present) do you think you are most like and why?

B - Benefit of the doubt. I always end up giving people this.
O - Optimist.  I believe that people are generally nice
I - Idiot. This is what the previous answers make me.
N - Nice. I'd like to be nice...
G - Growing up. Something I'm avoiding.

01 - Tour bus odour, just the thought of all those screwed up noses.hehehe.
02 - The vampire alien zombie from Plan 9 from Outer Space. Not very good at acting, played by different people. Likes drinking blood. Muahahaa!
03 - I'd be an umbrella. Always stumbled over, and impossible to find when needed. I'd also be in the sale section, half price.
04 - Water. A lake, calm on the surface, but dangerous to the unwary.
05 - Basil Fawlty. I can get quite het up.


May 7, 2004   11:26 PM PDT
haha tour bus odor... greatness. mind would be a cross between coconuts and leather.... hmm yea
May 6, 2004   09:22 AM PDT
tour bus odour? nice. think i'm working more along the lines of lynx and bacon myself, bit of cheddar thrown in.

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