Entry: Guilt Thursday, May 06, 2004

Guilt is one of my defining characteristics. Looking back I can attribute most of my actions to guilt, trying to assuage it or avoid it.
I tried to keep it contained once, but in the end my mind bulged and cracked like a metaphysical Tetsuo.
My whole marriage was one big guilt trip from one moment. As I stood there waiting for my family to get ready, I realised I was going to be late.

Since then I've learnt to recognise guilt when it strikes.
The sour twisting, the whisper in my ear; "You should be ashamed."

And I always am.


May 7, 2004   03:12 PM PDT
Ah, the joys of guilt. It's almost as fun as stress, only in my case with less nausea.
May 7, 2004   11:07 AM PDT
Guilt blows.

May 6, 2004   11:54 PM PDT
ooh, Winston, you were brought up Christian too, weren't you???

Guilt - the modern priest's implement of torture.
May 6, 2004   02:58 PM PDT
I should feel ashamed about my comments. But I don't. So sue me.

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