Entry: Hiding under a shield Thursday, May 13, 2004

I bought a hat. I decided I didn't look ridiculous enough, even with the bicycle clips, so I've attempted to rectify the situation. It was a cheap one, so I don't hold out much hope for it saving my life,but at least the brain damage should be reduced a little.

I am disappointed with myself. Virgin Trains have trounced me, and now have my custom in the afternoons. If I take the local service I can expect to get home an hour later than using the accursed Pendolinos!
At least I can be a subversive sometimes, by sitting in the first class section looking scruffy. I wish I was on one of those trains now. The Quiet Zone should not be shared with a wailing baby. It's worse when it's a wailing toddler...


May 14, 2004   02:29 PM PDT
May 14, 2004   01:46 PM PDT
I like hats.

I have a couple, (well six actually), of baseball caps, some flat hats of Yorkshire origin, and I used to have a hat very similar to Insp Cleauseau of Le Surete.

My wife hated it and gave it to my father.

I also wear one of a number of Thinsulate woolly hats on occasion.

My pride and joy though is a Toureg headdress, which would get me stares in the village. Think of Micheal Palin in the Sahara.

(Question - What is the Arabic word for Desert? - Answer - Sahara)

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