Entry: Something about biorhythms, I expect Sunday, June 13, 2004

I hit a trough.

No, I didn't drive into it, on a scooter or bike. I just found myself peering over the adjacent peaks, wondering why I can't see anything.

My laptop is more belligerent than ever. The unwelcome insertion of a wireless card has caused it to throw up its metaphorical hands in frustration and keel over far too many times for me to put up with it any more. I shall be sending back the aforementioned wireless PC suppository, and try my luck on a more expensive one...

Just watched The Substitute, starring Tom Berenger as an inept mercenary who gets a job at a school for drugdealers. It was difficult to turn my head away from the trainwreck of a film. Now I have one day to write my movie review for my movie degree interview.

My sister has arranged for a lodger to inspect my room on Tuesday. When she leaves for Mexico, I will have her room, and the lodger will get my room. Thus the room must be impeccable for this visit. Already I have raised the bed by 2 inches cramming stuff under it!

I was walking from the station to the bus stop on thursday, when a woman promoting chewing gum handed my about 30 free samples. It's nice, but leaves a metallic taste. She was nice too, as it happens...

The effects of my epiphany have not yet abated.


June 14, 2004   08:18 PM PDT
As an evaluation of your ramblings, I have decided that you are CRAZY! however, it is a good crazy, not a bad one. Keep it up, I like it. It's always wonderful to find someone who can write insanity beautifully.

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