Entry: Just when you thought it was safe to get on a train... Monday, June 21, 2004

I had it all sorted out.

I catch the bus at 5:40, arrive at the bus depot at 5:50, catch the next bus at 6, arrive at the railway station at 6:45, hop on the train, arrive at my destination at 7:20, and wander into work at 7:45, nice and early all relaxed.

Until today.

Today I arrived at the station to find that the much-threatened line works had already started. So I hopped on the coach, which took me on a whirlwind tour of the outlying regions before depositing me at the next station along, 20 minutes later. Only then could I hop on the original train. Of course, it arrived 20 minutes later than usual.
Fair enough, I still (just about) made it into work on time. But now I have a quandry.
My monthly rail pas is about to expire. I understand that the works are due to last for 2 weeks, but of course these things have a tendency to overrun.

So, do I buy another monthly train ticket, or find an alternative bus-only conduit...

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June 25, 2004   08:55 AM PDT
There is no right answer, save to take up paragliding.
June 24, 2004   12:53 AM PDT
I can't be much help here. I live in a small town in California. The only trains in my town carry wood and agriculture products. Our only public transportation is 1 or 2 busses, but that doesn't bother anyone. Everyone here has a car. If you don't you are looked upon as weird and become a pariah. People drive to get their mail, 100 feet away.
June 21, 2004   06:49 PM PDT
what about getting your sister to drive you to where you got dropped off by that second bus?!
June 21, 2004   03:06 PM PDT
Terri, it's an idea...

Andy, that's just silly ;)
June 21, 2004   02:57 PM PDT
You could always try a bicycle.
June 21, 2004   01:48 PM PDT
D. Sprout wings and fly :

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