Entry: Anecdote Corner Friday, June 25, 2004

You know that feeling when you've just missed a train. It's similar to the feeling you get when you make a perfect cuppa, and then spill it all over yourself. It takes the shine off the brew, and the train journey for that matter.

So I trudge onto the platform, taking in the sights. There's usually an array of attractive women for me to embarrass myself by gawping at, and this time is no different. In particular there's a lovely looking brunette, pink top, denim skirt, bare midrif, hauling a flight bag. I gawp as she passes, oblivious, and drag myself back to the matter at hand - finding out when the next train is due. As I wait for the information I glance up the platform. This vision is sitting on a bench up at the end of the platform.
Well, I'm feeling uncharacteristically confident, so I decide to sit by her, perhaps even break the habit of a lifetime and actually speak!

I discover that the next train, due in 30 minutes, will be ten minutes late. Oh well, I console myself, I can chat to this girl. I head for the bench, just to see her heading in the other direction. Cursing silently under my breath, I pass her and sit at the bench, singing to myself while I watch her disappear into the station.

I've been trying to learn the words for this particular song, so I get carried away. Singing quietly to myself, I don't notice until she sits back down. Make or break time. I need to talk. I can't. I keep singing softly, and give up on the crazy idea.

"Excuse me, do you know what time the train is?"
I'm startled out of my croon, and look at her. She is very pretty; slim, fresh-faced, lightly freckled. I'd place her in her early twenties, if I could concentrate on more than her smile.
I impart the information; she thanks me. And then something strange happens.

"Are you off on holiday?" I ask.

And we talk. We talk at length, about her current circumstances, about mine, about our aspirations, plans and hopes. We board the train together, still talking, standing in the vestibule, a collective curio amidst the silently suited businessmen. At the next station there's more room, so we find a couple of seats next to each other. We are alighting at the same station, and she hasn't been to that platform before, so I guide her to the taxi rank. We make our farewells and part.

I'm buoyed up by altogether wonderful experience.

So Kirsty, thanks for sharing your time. I hope the move to Portugal went smoothly, and your boyfriend problems are over.


June 26, 2004   01:26 PM PDT
<does little 'Go Winston, Go Winston'> dance...yay :)

...also, where'd you go? never see you around any more. maybe it's me? <ponders>
June 26, 2004   02:12 AM PDT
Congrats on the breakthrough! :)
June 25, 2004   11:49 PM PDT
Good night, I live in Brazil and was reading yours blog. It forgives to make this with I know language. Blog enters in mine stops in them communicating... Good end of week... Kisses!

Boa noite, moro no Brasil e estava lendo teu blog.
Desculpe fazer isso com sei idioma. Entre no meu blog para nos comunicarmos...Bom final de semana...Beijos!
June 25, 2004   07:37 PM PDT
hehehe ice one
June 25, 2004   03:37 PM PDT
Ah, she finally forgot her shyness and talked to you. Was about time she does :D. She should thank you for helping her.
June 25, 2004   01:13 PM PDT
Go Winston.

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