www.academic-writing » Informative and interested blog having valuable information regarding the subject matter. You did a wonderful job, keep your chin up.
squiddy » was here
ladylinmont » Hi, I'm new here and stopped in to see you. Go for it...film maker!
beau_angelnz » Hey How did you get the recent entries to come up Im stuck on that
ElvenSarah » Hope you are still alive Winston!
Isola » Hey You, I hope life is treating you well.
Lord Dorian » Hi, please visit my blog, I'm new ish to blogdrive, well I just recently started a blog but I'm no stranger to blogdrive
Joe » I think you need to order some retro sweets to help you get over the Money Madness.
Amanda » mindless duck was thinking about you today!
radical_dawg » I spent the day at the transit station which can be pretty exciting in a city of 10000 people. I met King Arthur and Abe Lincoln there. Abe looked funny dressed in a stove pipe hat and a tutu.
dannicash » hi..
SilverWind » Hope you enjoyed Cannes. My parents live in that part of the world, and I was down there that week for the Monaco Grand Prix, which is my addiction! It's a beautiful area, isn't it?
Ang » Congrats on getting to go to Cannes!
Ratty » hello just visiting. hope you'll feel better
Ang » Been too long since we last spoke (and since you updated). Hope things are well.
scott » hello
dAVe » Hi there! Happy blogging!
Deirdre » Woohoo. /dance!
mindless duck » pauly mc paulerton
Parisian15 » Happy New Year, Paul!
Anthony » Happy New Year!!
Ang » Wishing you a happy new year.
Halcyon » joyeaux noel
pendoodles » Merry Christmas Morning May All Your Blessings Be Brite
Sinja » Merry Christmas, Paul!
Deirdre » Aww, I'm sorry to hear that, Winston. (Re: Soulmate) *hug*
Deirdre » Hi Winston! Hope you're doing well. : )
Ang » It's better than 0, though.
Ang » *Massive virtual hugs*
Daveman » On your film - be sure and holler when or if you put up a sneek peak. Sounds interesting.
Daveman » I know about them knee injuries. I know thy pain. Had surgery when I was 13 - then just a couple or 3 years ago, same knee had to have it resculpted. Sounds like you have a good doc.
HotRod » Hey its been a while! How have u been?
Juliet » (: Hi hi. Updates are good!
Deirdre » Stopped in to look around. Thought I'd let you know. Hi. (:
Ang » Nice pic on it too
Ang » You got your license! Sweetness!
Jeremiadist » Interesting read - hope your knee recovers, and you survive your neighbors. Nice video BTW>
Winston » Why, yes it does. The website is http://www.exposuresfilmfestival.co.uk/
J f Z » Does the film festival have a web site we can pimp for you?
*+* ashley *+* » blog hop...
Juliet » I've been hiding. heh.
Deirdre » Hi Winston! /drops off some cake!
Juliet » Yup, I'm back! And that video is amazing. I always envy talent when it comes to the arts. (:
Lorcan » hey the vid is brill!! love it!
Parisian15 » Great job, Paul! Oh yes.
Parisian15 » (Commented on your two last posts)
AncoraImparo » I have no idea what's up with the login issues. May wanna ask Helpee about that.
Halcyon » apart from being constantly tired due to shifts, all good, how bout you?
Halcyon » not really, have trouble staying logged in, but i can always get back
simone » http://simonecaiden.blogdrive.com
simone » bonjour look at my blog its new
Destiny » if you want a good laugh to take your mind off your knee
Destiny » hello, i just joined so im looking around at some blogs, i hope your knee gets better that can be a real pain check out my blog about my bfs mother http://aggravatingantics.blogdrive.com/ if you want
Halcyon » yo, 'sup?
chita » hope youre fine and you blog soon
Karma » Are you still alive? Did you get me email? *pout*
daryling » i doing my J-WALK!
jen » hey, just droppnig by... nice cat you have there!
Abby » hello. just hopping by. have a nice day
Angelena » Hello there.
Lorcs » meep meep!
evie » beep! you've just been added to my favorites!
Beej » Sorry about that glass! Just checking in to see what there is to see.
7oneders » I might have been here before, blog hopping!
Miley Cyrus » hey
Amanda.. » hey sexy... missing you muchly... having talked about in a while.. message me on msn you know me... mindless duck. I heart Winston;
FastEddie » I like your new minimalist approach
Angelena » Welcome back my friend.
Tigerrr » i feel for you winston...i had a cat too, but he died...got run over by a car....
plh » is there any news about your noble creature Spartacus? im coping & Rob seems to be doing better than i - im glad i have our other babies with us for comfort
Pen » }}}HUGS{{{
Xaos » hey handsome---long time no see!
Jen » Hi there, nice blog!
herbert » hello from germany
Xaos » you're still around, huh? long time no see, though. hope you're well.
Douzy » I was here. Great blog! Reason I'm leaving a TAG behind. Cheers!
kelsy » Even im all bye my SELF!!!!Dang...I'ts 10:00.DANGIT!butt im not going to chruch
kelsy » Hey.My name is kelsy.And i ROCK!You should see me.
puffaloonie » Seems live you have a budy day - look after that elbow - ice maybe?? and hope the stomach is faring better
CLeVeRGRanGeR » I'm just bloghopping.. And I saw yours.. Simple Yet Senseful. Like it.
harry_j » just bloghoppin' ...want to share my blog...visit it if you want. Just click my name or type this http://coolhip.blogdrive.com...tag your mesgs there or post comments...see ya there!!!
Deirdre » Congrats on the new job!
puffaloonie » can't wait to check out that short fild
iEn » nice journal
Gary » Dude, that fall was the benchmark for all falls that were, that are and that will be. It was spectacular. What made it even funnier was that you just sort of lay there all night (day) long...
puffaloonie » hey thanks for popin back...looks like lots has happened since I left
puffaloonie » Hi Just thought I'd let you know I'm back - although I doubt you remember me- just wanted to say hi
lizzie » Nice blog.
san » hi
metamorph » I like your blog.
Winston » Well, BillyBob, you sure told me. I'll have to go off with my gay friends and be gay somewhere...
BILLY BOB » ur gay
invincible ram » hiii
boo » Very intriguing outlook... Just the kind of people I'd love to collaborate with. Too bad you're too far away.
claa » u like run lola run?
chita » hi winston.i was just surfing. have a nice day
honey&vodka » hey there, just skipping through blogs and came across yours, interesting read! i'll be back
Gary » i trust no-one who flaunts links!
Space Noodle » no internet? for this long, you must have died of dispare by now!
misha » i see... okay. that's good then =)